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The most responsible way to be prepared for a potential disaster is through storing enough drinking water. It's important to make sure that your family has enough water as well. You can easily accomplish this by storing water in a food-grade 55-gallon Emergency Water Storage Barrels (Drums). We strive for the highest quality and only carry products that are FDA approved FOOD-GRADE. We recommend NEW products be used for storing drinking water while REFURBISHED products are labeled as such and may be used for collection of rain water and other garden uses. We inspect all used products before we start the refurbishing process to ensure that they were previously used to carry food products such as juices and liquid syrup. We do so to protect your soil and plants from getting contaminated with unknown chemicals. Keep in mind that having a clean REFURBISHED barrel alone is NOT good enough unless you truly know the original content that was carried in the barrels. These barrels are made of POROUS materials that with time will end up transferring previous contents into your water!

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