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This is a complete emergency drum set that comes with everything you need to store your drinking water long term. We recommend to be stored in a shaded cool area without exposure to the sun. We also don't recommend storing it in your garage since you might not be able to have access to it during an earthquake (This is California).

New Food-Grade Open Top 55 Gallon Emergency Water Barrel Set Without Bung

SKU: EB222192112
Excluding Sales Tax
    • Food Grade 55 gallon Drum open top without Bung
    • ¾ Bulkhead
    • 1/2 x 394 Inch Teflon tape
    • Hose bibb / Faucet Spigot
    • Thin Wall Hole Saw
    • Siphon Pump
    • Drinking water hose (10FT)
    • Sodium Percarbonate (8 Oz)
    • Mesh Cover with drawstring to prevents leaves and debris from falling into the rain barrel
    • Round Bottom Drum liner – 37x56” Mil
    • Drawstring Backpack