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This is a complete DIY parts and tool set for your open top 55 gallon barrel with bung on top.

Kit Set For Open Top Barrel With Bung

SKU: EB222192116
Excluding Sales Tax
    • ¾ Bulkhead
    • 1/2 x 394 Inch Teflon tape
    • Hose bibb / Faucet Spigot
    • Thin Wall Hole Saw
    • Bung Wrench
    • Siphon Pump
    • Drinking water hose (10FT)
    • Sodium Percarbonate (8 Oz)
    • Mesh Cover with drawstring to prevents leaves and debris from falling into the rain barrel
    • Round Bottom Drum liner – 37x56” Mil
    • Drawstring Backpack